NSW Police Commissioner apologises for down-falls in case of missing mum Lynette Dawson

State Police Commissioner Mick Fuller admits police dropped the ball investigating the disappearance of a Sydney mum 36 years ago.

33-year-old Lynette Dawson, a devoted mother to two daughters, disappeared without a trace in January 1982 but wasn’t reported missing until six weeks later by her husband, former rugby league star and school teacher, Chris Dawson.

Two coronial inquests determined she was murdered by Dawson, but charges have never been laid.

Speaking with Ben Fordham, Commissioner Fuller personally apologises for the down-falls of police on the case.

“Police, and there were lots of others Ben, made an assumption, a pretty poor one, that Lynette had made a decision to leave the family home.

“Do I wish I could take back time? And do I wish that the police at the time has assessed it differently and do I wish that the people out there who knew more came forward?

“It’s a whole range of things I’m sorry for.

“At the end of the day, it’s our job to protect the community.

“We can’t stop every crime from happening, but when they do it’s our responsibility to ethically and diligently investigate them and get to the bottom of the truth.”

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