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Mark Latham slams inquiry into greyhound integrity commission

Mark Latham hasn’t been included in an upper house inquiry into the Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission following complaints it’s putting trainers out of business.

The inquiry is chaired by Shooters Fishers and Farmers’ Robert Borsak, with a Greens member and the Animal Justice Party on the committee.

“You’ve got all these people on the committee who want to ban greyhound racing investigating the organisation who’s supposed to be in control of the welfare and it’s a basketcase!” Ray Hadley said.

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham told Ray the government objected to the establishment of the committee so he chose to exclude himself.

“They probably would have said ‘oh Latham you’re too fierce a critic of GWIC, you can’t go on the committee’.

“So I wasn’t going to put myself in that position, Ray! You’ve got to have a bit of self-respect about your role in politics.”

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