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Mark Latham: Malcolm Turnbull ‘electoral poison’ for his party after by-election woes

Mark Latham says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is “electoral poison” for his party following the Coalition’s by-election woes.

The Liberal Party contested three seats during the Super Saturday elections and did not win a single one.

Mayo’s Liberal candidate Georgina Downer saw a major swing against her to Independent Rebekha Sharkie, seeing a loss of over three per cent.

The situation wasn’t must better in Longman, with LNP candidate Trevor Ruthenberg also seeing a swing against him.

Mark Latham says the Prime Minister can’t shy away from the results.

“If you can’t win the outer suburban and hinterland seats you can’t hold government.

“Turnbull quite frankly is electoral poison for the Liberal Party.”

The former Labor leader says the Prime Minister needs to “get the message” and change key policy decisions around energy, immigration and corporate tax cuts.

It’s either that or he’ll lose his job.

Mark also says it’s obvious Australians aren’t just giving up on the major parties, they’re giving up on voting.

35 per cent of voters in the seat of Freemantle didn’t even bother showing up to the polls.

Mark says we should go down the path of the rest of the world and allow voting to be optional.

“If you’re interested in politics, turn up and have a say but if you’ve got no interest why should people be fined?”

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The Big Guns have also weighed in, saying the major parties should also be worried about the rising power of the minor parties.

Longman’s One Nation candidate secured a swing in his favour and Andrew Bolt says it shows there’s still “steam” in the protest movement.

“(Voters) don’t want Labor or Liberal and that has to be a concern for both parties. They’re simply not engaging mainstream voters as they used to.”

When it comes to how the Liberal Party will recover from their Super Saturday hit, both Richo and Andrew say policies will have to chance.

The federal government’s company tax cuts will be first on the chopping block, with Richo predicting “they’ll go this week”.

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