‘I’m shaking’: Family of missing mum Lyn Dawson ‘hopeful’ as police search gets underway

The family of missing mum Lynette Dawson are “hopeful” but nervous as a renewed search for evidence gets underway.

On Wednesday morning, police descended on the former Dawson family home at Bayview on Sydney’s northern beaches to search for Lynette’s remains.

The nurse and devoted mother of two daughters disappeared without a trace in 1982.

Two coronial inquests have determined that her husband, former rugby league star and school teacher Chris Dawson, is the killer but he’s never been charged.

The Australian’s award-winning podcast The Teacher’s Pet has shone a light on Lyn’s mysterious disappearance, revealing Chris moved his teenage lover and student into the family’s home just days after his wife went missing.

Chris has strenuously denied any involvement in Lyn’s disappearance and continues to profess his innocence.

The police have commenced a fresh dig at the Bayview site, vowing to leave no stone unturned.

Lyn’s sister-in-law Merilyn Sims tells Ben Fordham she’s “hopeful” but nervous as the search gets underway.

“As I’m speaking to you here, I’m sort of shaking,” Merilyn says.

“I think it’s anticipation, it’s the unknown and this is what we’ve dealt with. It’s tough, it’s really tough.”

Merilyn says she wants to believe Lyn is on the property but is careful not to get her hopes up too high.

“I’d love to think the family finally gets the opportunity to put her to rest the way she needs to be put to rest.

“We know that if they don’t find her there… the police are not giving up now, they’re going to continue this fight.”

Merilyn has thanked Ben Fordham for his support, saying his campaign to achieve justice for Lyn means a huge amount to the family.

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Lyn Dawson’s cousin, Alison Jennings, tells Ben they weren’t expecting the announcement of the dig so soon but it’s “phenomenal” news for the family.

“We’ve just, dare I say it, gotten used to having our spirits lifted up and then all of a sudden brought back down again.

“It’s been quite a surprise to learn at about 9am this morning that this was occurring.”

When asked whether she thinks Lyn is buried at the property, Alison says she “isn’t 100 per cent sure”.

“We just have to trust in this process at the moment.”

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A walk for Lyn Dawson has been organised on Sydney’s northern beaches for Sunday 30th of September.

Anyone interested in being involved should meet at Long Reef Surf Club at 11am.

You can find out more HERE.