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‘I had to fight the battle’: Tanya Davies to remain in government after abortion decriminalised

Liberal MP’s Tanya Davies and Kevin Conolly will remain in government after threatening to defect to the crossbench over the abortion bill.

The controversial bill to decriminalise abortion has been passed and the 119-year-old law has been changed after more than 70 hours of debate in Parliament.

It comes with several amendments, including clarifications on consent, conscientious objection, a review into gender selection and extra advice for late-term terminations.

Ms Davies tells Steve Price the bill is now better than what was originally proposed.

“I’m not happy with many aspects of the bill but at the end of the day, have we achieved a better bill than what was presented nearly eight weeks ago?

“The answer is yes.

“I am sad that there are still major defects in this bill. But at the end of the day, I had to fight the battle as much as I could.”

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Image: Getty/Brook Mitchell