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‘Hypocritical rubbish’: Abuse victim demands Catholic Church steps up

An abuse victim is demanding the Catholic Church stop ‘torturing’ those who come forward about sexual abuse.

Founder of Victim Group Actions Michael ‘Advocate’ gave an impassioned speech outside court today after the suppression order on the George Pell case was lifted.

He tells Ben Fordham the church continues to not only fail victims but actively attack them for coming forward.

“They practise hypocritical rubbish on Sundays, and I say this as a Catholic, and then on Monday they set their attack dog and they maul us to death while we’re in court simply trying to get justice.”

He says Cardinal George Pell must be excommunicated now he’s been convicted of sexually assaulting two choirboys in the 1990s.

“George Pell is scum, he is a criminal, he is a paedophile, he’s destroyed those two poor boys’ lives.”

“He must be excommunicated from the church.”

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