How you can get justice for missing mum Lynette Dawson

Ben Fordham Campaign

Ben Fordham is relentlessly campaigning to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to lay charges in the case of missing mum Lynette Dawson.

Lynette, a devoted mother to two daughters disappeared without a trace 36 years ago.

Two coronial inquiries have determined that her husband, former rugby league star and school teacher Chris Dawson is the killer, but he’s never been charged.

“Right now the only suspect in the disappearance of Lynette Dawson is walking free,” says Ben.

Ben has written to the DPP (see letter below) to call for justice for Lynette, and he is urging you to do the same.

You can send your letter using this email address:

Below is all the information you need to include in your letter.

  • Address it to the Director of Public Prosecutions – Mr Lloyd Babb SC.
  • Reference the Lynette Dawson case
  • Ask for the DPP to lay charges in their investigation into her disappearance
  • Reference that the new evidence which has been brought forward by Hedley Thomas at The Australian is the reason why you believe a new investigation is needed

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Cousin of Lynette and co-admin of the Looking for Lynette Dawson Facebook page Alison Jennings tells Ben “it’s become a massive movement”.

“Everyone is empowered to make a change and make a difference and just please, write to the DPP.

“If this was your sister, your mother your aunty, your cousin… you would move heaven and earth to find them and do what you could to bring justice for them.

“This is not just in the interest of our family, it’s in the interest of the general public because the public deserves good justice and good justice processes.”

She tells Ben she “never got the opportunity” to meet Lynette, who disappeared a year before her birth.

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Ben Fordham Campaign