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How George Pell could have his appeal heard in the High Court

After disgraced Cardinal George Pell lost his appeal against child sexual abuse convictions, his legal team are preparing an appeal to the High Court.

It’s the final legal avenue for Pell, who has returned to prison after losing his appeal by a 2-1 majority verdict.

His legal team now has 28 days to appeal the decision to the High Court.

Canberra based barrister Allan Anforth tells Steve Price the High Court is “selective” and doesn’t have to hear the appeal.

“You have to go through a screening process where one judge will hear the arguments… about why this raises a matter of public interest that should occupy the court’s time.

“The court won’t hear matters that are just factual disputes or involve points of law that are not of sufficient public interest.

“Nor will they hear appeals simply because of the severity of what may follow to the person or the media attention to it.”

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Image: Getty/Michael Dodge