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Government failing to support chronic pain sufferers, survey says

The majority of Australians living with chronic pain believe the government is failing to support them.

One in five Australians suffer from the debilitating condition, 20 per cent of those have considered suicide and 5 per cent of sufferers have attempted to take their own lives.

This week is National Pain Awareness Week… but what is chronic pain?

It’s pain that doesn’t go away when an injury or an illness disappears. It lasts for more than three months but in many cases can persist for years.

A new survey has found sufferers want more financial support and better access to treatment.

Chronic Pain Australia President Dr Coralie Wales tells Alan Jones pain specialists are too expensive for everyday Australians and it’s time for our politicians to step up and help.

“Unless you’ve got a funding organisation behind you, then you often just miss out. This is why people turn to medicines because you can afford medicines.

“If we could have one wish, it would be that the federal government talks to us so that they can hear the voices of the people who the decisions are affecting.”

Alan Jones has vowed to take the matter up with Health Minister Greg Hunt.

“This is what welfare is for,” Alan says.

“It’s meant to be for people who, through no fault of their own, can’t really support themselves.”

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