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‘Get rid of them!’: Ray Hadley fires up over activists infiltrating greyhound integrity commission

Cracks are forming within the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission as accusations of systemic faults fly.

Ray Hadley is calling for the abolition of GWIC following accusations of bullying from senior figures and the consistent undermining of the role of stewards.

“I’m told vets often misdiagnose on the track for their own reasons,” Ray alleged.

“Now it’ll be a sad old day in racing … where the vets, as qualified as they are, ran the racing.”

Ray also claimed inexperience has led to a collapse in the licensing system.

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Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson, whose portfolio includes racing, told Ray Hadley he’s aware of the accusations and “bad blood” between GWIC and Greyhound Racing NSW.

A statutory review is underway, he said.

“I’m trying to push it as hard as I can – if you’ve got some beef … now’s the time to tell us.”

However, Ray believes the influence of animal activists within GWIC has made the organisation irredeemable.

Mr Anderson admitted he’s under pressure from activists who “across all levels … get their fingers in pies”.

With GWIC costing GRNSW $12 million and the NSW government a further $4 million annually, Mr Anderson acknowledged the review must consider “how we trim our cloth”.

“Well I’m glad you asked, I can help you here. Get rid of them!” Ray fired back.

“Put the stewards back with Greyhound Racing NSW, say goodbye to the Bathurst GWIC.

“I’ll give you a tip Kevin, unless you get the animal activists out of GWIC, you’ll be looking for a job as well!”

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