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EXCLUSIVE: Russell Crowe Statement

Responding to criticism of a story he told at the AACTA Awards about Jacqueline McKenzie:

“Actors and actresses by the nature of our job get thrown into some embarrassing , bizarre and extreme circumstances.

It’s an ironic combination that the sensitivity required for the job also has to be coupled with an ability to put aside your embarrassment and fears and cope with the humiliation .

Jacquie and I survived that moment in our young careers because we looked after each other . Our friendship has only strengthened over the years and it’s a story we both cringe and laugh over.

The way I delivered the story was to elicit that half cringe/half laugh reaction.

Obviously I was only intending to make people laugh . Especially Jacquie, and she did.

I didn’t mean any offence to anyone and it wasn’t a comment on other issues.”