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Inmate on the roof of Parklea Prison

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An inmate is currently on the roof of Parklea Correctional Centre.

Ray Hadley has been told the Special Operations Group has been deployed and the prisoner will be taken down shortly.

The Special Operations Group will remain at Parklea Prison for the foreseeable future.

The Ray Hadley Morning Show has been informed about another issue at the jail with a prisoner allegedly assaulting guards and hospital staff.

The 25-year-old has “complex needs” according to a statement from the prison’s operators (see full statement below).

He allegedly spat on a corrections officer yesterday and “assaulted and threatened staff at Westmead Hospital” during an escorted visit on Sunday.

Ray has been told the prisoner had previously been allowed to choose his own cell and had requested a double mattress.


Statement from Parklea Prison operators MTC-Broadspectrum:

We commend our staff for the management of these difficult and dangerous situations involving an inmate who has complex needs.

A staff member was spat at by a 25-year-old inmate at Parklea Correctional Centre on 13 August 2019.

This is the same inmate who assaulted and threatened staff at Westmead Hospital during a recent hospital escort.

MTC-Broadspectrum has notified NSW Police of the latest assault and is supporting staff to pursue charges against the inmate, pending the outcome of Police investigations.

This inmate will be subject to internal charges and disciplinary action.

The inmate cannot choose his own cell mate.

For privacy and security reasons, we do not disclose the details of individual management plans.

MTC-Broadspectrum does not tolerate any threats to the safety of staff.

We are working with staff and CSNSW to investigate new measures to protect officers from being spat at by inmates.