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Australian university vice-chancellors raking in millions of dollars

It’s been revealed the vice-chancellors of Australia’s universities are among the highest paid people in the country.

Last week, Dame Glynis Breakwell resigned in controversy after UK media exposed her £468,000 a year ($816,000) salary, as Britain’s highest paid vice-chancellor.

But it turns out Dame Breakwell would only be Australia’s 28th highest paid university head.

12 vice-chancellors in Australia earn more than $1-million a year with Sydney University boss Michael Spence taking home $1.44-million in 2016.

Steve Price talks with Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham about the obscene pay packets.

“We’ve been trying as a government to rein in some of the costs of universities for some time now.

“The universities across Australia have seen a  71% growth in their funding since 2009. It has been a big contributor to the growth in government expenditure, which of course comes at the same time as we’ve had troubles getting the budget back to balance.

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