Attorney General responds to Ben’s apology demand for Dawson family

Yesterday Ben Fordham demanded the Director of Public Prosecutions Lloyd Babb SC apologise to the Dawson family for concealing a conflict of interest.

Well, it turns out the Attorney General’s office was listening and Mark Speakman has responded to Wendy Jennings, cousin of Lynette Dawson after the DPP ignored her consistent requests for justice.

In an email (see full email below), he writes, “I am sorry for the decades of uncertainty, distress and grief that you and your family have experienced”.

“Well good on the Attorney General for responding to that so quickly,” says Ben.

“And really Attorney General, it’s not your mistake. The mistake that’s been made here has been made by Lloyd Babb.

“Because Lloyd Babb has a past association with a suspected murder and he didn’t declare that to the victim’s family.

“They were kept in the dark for seven long years.”

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See the full email from Attorney General Mark Speakman below