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To the absolute horror of sweet tooths around the country, a number of lollies are being taken off the shelves.

Allen's have announced they are dropping another six lollies from their range, and downsizing others.

Spearmint leaves, sherbies, marella jubes, jelly tots and oddfellow mints have been axed.

And the humble green frog is also set to go, as red frogs are 10 times more popular.

We want to know, what your favourites are?


- Banana
- Milk bottle
- Bounty Bar
- Chocolate covered aniseed ring
- Freckle
- Cherry ripe
- Black cat
- Red frogs
- Pineapple
- Redskin
- Clinkers
- Snakes
- Fantale


- Spearmint Leaves
- Green Frogs
- Sherbies
- Oddfellow Mints
- Marella Jubes
- Jelly Tots