How well do you think Tony Abbott responded to MH17? 

Ben Fordham is joined in studio by the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. 

Luke Grant speaks to the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Secretary, Josh Frydenberg. Josh is travelling with Tony Abbott on his trade tour to Japan, South Korea and China.

Chris Smith has his say on Tony Abbott's latest reconnection with the Monarchy and speaks with Phillip Benwell, Chairman of the Australian Monarchist's League.

Ben Fordham talks to the Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 

Prime Minister effigy beheaded at Soundwave.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott joins Andrew Moore in-studio to discuss Sydney violence, Indonesian spying, border security, the ABC, the carbon tax, and green energy.

Ben speaks to Trent Dowling, the Captain of the Davidson Rural Fire Services Brigade about working with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 

Tony Abbott addresses the nation after winning the 2013 Federal Election.

Ben speaks with communication expert Richard Green about our political leaders and their body language.


Ben is joined by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in the lead up to the 2013 election, and following his comments about Liberal Candidate Fiona Scott.

Chris chats with Janet about the 'real' Tony Abbott, both have experienced a warm, engaging man but he never appears like that in interviews. Chris and Janet discuss what can be done to 'loosen Tony up'. But then...

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Chris interviews Opposition Leader Tony Abbott regarding Labor's asylum seeker policy.

The Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott speaks with Ben about the latest in politics from our Nation’s Capital.

The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott Replies to The Governments Budget Speech in Parliment tonight. Here is the full audio of the speech

About todays Leadership events that took place in Parliment 

Opposition leader Tony Abbott speaks with Alan Jones.


Ben speaks to Opposition leader Tony Abbott about the year ahead, multiculturalism and Australia Day.


Warren speaks with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott after the announcement by Treasurer Wayne Swan that despite promising a budget surplus, he no longer thinks it likely to occur.


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