3:19pm June 16

Malcolm Turnbull appears to have ruled it out today.

4:30pm May 10

A listener saw him helping out on Wakehurst Parkway

1:29pm March 8

Chris speaks with Niki about the damming allegations made in her book.

3:43pm March 7

Ben details the claims in Niki Savva’s book ‘The Road to Ruin’.



3:16pm February 10

Ben speaks to Michael Pachi about the real cost.

9:51pm January 29

Neil Breen is joined by The Australian's Greg Sheridan to discuss Tony Abbott's role in the new Liberal Government. 

12:50pm January 27

Warren talks to Paul Kelly from the Australian about Abbott remaining in parliament 

5:43am December 25

Luke and Steph were invited to catch up with former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in his office in Manly.

3:07pm December 9

Former PM calls for Islam to undergo religious revolution.

5:39pm December 7

Tony Abbott bought a 2nd hand fridge online.

9:24pm December 4

Neil Breen is joined by journalist Peter Hartcher to discuss his Shirtfronted Series: The Story of The Abbott Government.

2:28pm November 14

Steve speaks to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks.

6:33pm October 20

Tony Abbott says he will pay for the damage.

3:38pm September 29

The former Prime Minister clears up a few things.

4:38pm September 23

Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff misreads situation.

4:25pm September 22

Ben hears Tony Abbott speak out after being dumped as PM.

4:29pm September 15

Ben speaks to a Minister who backed Tony Abbott

3:30pm September 15

Ben speaks to Christine Forster following the leadership spill

9:38pm September 14

Tony Abbott responds to Malcolm Turnbull's Challenge

4:26pm September 14

Listen to how it unfolded with Ben Fordham.


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