The former Prime Minister clears up a few things.

Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff misreads situation.

Ben hears Tony Abbott speak out after being dumped as PM.

Ben speaks to a Minister who backed Tony Abbott

Ben speaks to Christine Forster following the leadership spill

Tony Abbott responds to Malcolm Turnbull's Challenge

Listen to how it unfolded with Ben Fordham.

Mike Baird has been left to argue for a GST rise.

Check out the video from Bamaga here

Ben has a message to the Prime Minister

It’s time for the PM to reclaim that crucial airtime.

Chris Smith talks to Phillip Hudson from The Australian


Government to hammer Bill Shorten's record 

Why Bronwyn Bishop will likely survive

Now the PM is in trouble for saying ‘death cult’. 

Tony Abbott joins Ben in studio

Ben Fordham delivers a message from the PM

Ben Fordham speaks to the PM.

Ben Fordham discusses why the PM can’t win

Chris Smith has the Finance Minister on the show. 


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