3:30pm December 5

The PM could scrap the Green Army program.



3:31pm November 11

Tony Abbott says politicians can’t ignore middle Australia.

3:42pm November 7

The former Greens boss should be more grateful.

3:42am November 2

Michael McLaren talks to Professor David Flint on whether Tony Abbott should be offered a cabinet position in the Turnbull Government.

3:53pm October 28

The former PM joined Ben in front of a live audience.

1:48pm October 25

Chris discusses the polls, and Arthur Sinodinos’ refusal to rule out a return from Abbott.

1:57pm October 15

Erin and Mark get to know former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

7:13pm October 3

Ross Greenwood speaks to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott about his push for an FTA with Britain post-Brexit and the potential for war between the U.S and China

3:46pm September 9

The former PM says the system needs an overhaul.

3:39pm August 26

He says the Coalition can't move closer to Labor. 

3:48pm August 19

The former PM joins Ben to tell the story.

4:44pm August 8

Ben speaks to the former Prime Minister.

6:44pm July 24

Paul Ritchie has written a book urging conservatives to support same sex unions



5:19pm July 14

The decision is up to Malcolm Turnbull.



4:01pm July 5

He says Tony Abbott should lead again.

4:49pm July 1

Tony Abbott is rallying voters in his electorate

3:27pm July 1

The former PM & NSW Premier were spotted at North Steyne


Photos are thanks to Salty

3:19pm June 16

Malcolm Turnbull appears to have ruled it out today.

4:30pm May 10

A listener saw him helping out on Wakehurst Parkway

1:29pm March 8

Chris speaks with Niki about the damming allegations made in her book.


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