2:41pm April 9

A CCT spy at Pirtek stadium took this photo of Fox Sports Commentator Andy Raymond's patent leather shoes.

2:29pm August 25

Marcella tells Ray about an exciting new Cure Brain Cancer Foundation project.

2:24pm August 25

The pair reminisce about how they came to work at the same station.

2:20pm August 25

Deputy Premier Troy Grant gets basic racing facts wrong.

2:14pm August 25

Sarah Hanson-Young has been refused entry to Nauru and illegal workers caught on a blueberry farm.

2:22pm August 24

The Canadian country music superstar joins Ray in the studio.

2:20pm August 24

10-year-old Catherine went to the same school as Ray’s grandmother.

2:08pm August 24

A journalist failed to mention the most important man on radio.

2:02pm August 24

Now the Greens and RSPCA want it banned in every state.

1:50pm August 23

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari tells Ray charging for paper bills is discriminatory.

1:45pm August 23

Ray honours the WWII Veteran who passed away aged 99.

1:16pm August 23

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak explains how he went from geek to tech wiz.

1:15pm August 22

Ray remembers his late father who died 41-years ago today.

1:13pm August 22

Dot tells Ray about when her husband got into lots of trouble at the local show.

1:01pm August 22

Treasurer Scott Morrison on Superannuation and selling Aussie assets.

12:12pm June 13

Ray Hadley Full Show June 13

12:12pm June 13

Ray Hadley Highlights June 13

10:55am June 13

Andrew Scipione chats to Ray after being made an Officer of the Order of Australia

1:28pm May 11

Ray gives it to listener Angela after receiving an abusive email

1:27pm May 11

Ray slams this dole bludger for his Q&A appearance


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