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One of Australia’s most inspiring men. Bill Moss was diagnosed with a crippling muscular disease at just 27-years-old. He went on to become a Macquarie Bank Executive and continues to raise millions of dollars for scientific research.

Former politician, advisor to the Packers and current media personality Graham Richardson talks to Ray about work, life and his ongoing battle with cancer

 Layne Beachley, one of Australia's greatest-ever sportspeople, joins Ray in the studio

It's official - Billionaire Gerry Harvey will be this Saturday's feature interview.

Tune in from 9am to hear all about the retail giant's life including THAT $20-million bet with John Singleton.

Ray reveals new details over the NSW police bugging scandal

When Mel got a text yesterday from her 18-year-old son saying "Mum, I'm in the Lindt cafe in Sydney" she didn't know what to do.She called Ray who put her onto police before taking her call on air.

Ray is constantly being tipped off to dangerously loaded trucks and utes on our roads.If you have something to report, send it to:http://www.2gb.com/shows/ray-hadley-morning-show

The NutriBullet saga continues...

Ray found an empty NutriBullet box on his desk this morning.

Then he found this photo.


“The People’s Champion” was fired up on TV this morning.

Car accident on Pennant Hills Rd at West Pennant Hills

This number plate was spotted by one of Ray's listeners in Sydney

Reggie's Recipe - Stockholm Lamb

Reggie the Butcher gives the Continuous Call Team his recipe for Stockholm Lamb - all the way from Sweden 


Half a kilo leg of lamb

1 clove of garlic, sliced

2 teaspoons of salt

George Byrnes - a sulphur crested cockatoo - was stolen from his home at The Friend In Hand pub in Glebe.

He's been walking the bar, talking to patrons, for the past five years.

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Ray and NSW Origin Coach Laurie Daley visited Curtis at The Children's Hospital at Westmead and gave him a signed Blues jersey.  

The Robertson Brothers pay tribute to the Greens Senator’s embarrassing performance in a committee hearing.

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