2:41pm April 9

A CCT spy at Pirtek stadium took this photo of Fox Sports Commentator Andy Raymond's patent leather shoes.

7:29am October 11

The Animal Justice Party has finally apologised for making false claims about Ray and greyhound racing.

11:49am October 3

NSW surfers head to the Gold Coast to stay safe

10:57am October 3

How does a notorious criminal keep smuggling phones into jail?

9:58am October 3

Ray celebrates the Cronulla Sharks' first-ever NRL premiership win

1:25pm September 9

Michael Sullivan & Piggy Riddell give their tips for the weekend’s sport.

1:22pm September 9

Founder of Bravehearts, Hetty Johnston explains what’s been done to help vulnerable children.

1:20pm September 9

CEO of Racing NSW Peter V’landys explain how they are safeguarding the industry.

1:19pm September 9

Ray speaks to the brave people who helped a man attacked by three dogs.

1:40pm September 8

More than 1,000 drivers have been caught using mobile phones while driving in a 24 hour blitz.

1:35pm September 8

Parramatta boss Max Donnelly reveals what’s happened to the under 15’s brawlers.

1:26pm September 8

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party candidate Phil Donato talks to Ray ahead of the Orange by-election.

1:19pm September 8

Peter Dutton explains why he missed last week’s vote and comments on short jail terms for terrorists.

1:43pm September 7

Country Music Star Adam Harvey chats to Ray about a new song for the show.

1:37pm September 7

The Liberal Party has forgotten its base.

1:33pm September 7

Canberra’s Coach talks to Ray about Jack Wighton.

1:31pm September 7

How much Australian farmland is actually owned by China?

1:50pm September 6

Inspector Phil Brooks thanks two truckies who helped them catch a speeding driver.

1:46pm September 6

Former Match Review Chairman Greg McCallum talks about the fallout from the Jack Wighton charges.


1:42pm September 6

The lawyer for a teen accused of robbery gives him advice on how to be a better criminal.


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