Ben speaks to Senator Eric Abetz

Ben comments on Craig’s laughable suggestion.

Whistleblower Kathy Jackson speaks with Chris Smith about today's sentencing of former Labor MP Craig Thomson.

Chris Smith speaks with HSU Whistleblower Kathy Jackson about Craig Thomson being found guilty of defrauding the Health Services Union.

Luke Grant speaks to Michael Smith about Craig Thomson and how he claimed $14,000 in  travel expenses around the same time as a two week family holiday to Bali and travel to Melbourne on the same day he attended court in the city

Chris speaks with Warren Mundine, former National President of the Australian Labor Party who says that it IS a big deal that the Deputy Prime Minister had a beer with the disgraceful Craig Thomson.

In breaking news on the Chris Smith Afternoon Show, Craig Thomson manages to avoid having his court case heard in front of a judge and jury.

Chris Smith talks to Kathy Jackson about the latest surround Craig Thompson.

Ray Hadley reports from the scene of Craig Thompson's house being raided by police.

Alan Jones talks to George Brandis about Nicola Roxon and Craig Thompson.

Chris Smith talks to Tony Abbott about his recent visit to Indonesia, the cost of Thomson, Slipper and the Kitchen Sink.

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