4:51pm April 6

Ben speaks to Senator Eric Abetz

4:16pm November 10

Ben comments on Craig’s laughable suggestion.

12:51pm March 25

Whistleblower Kathy Jackson speaks with Chris Smith about today's sentencing of former Labor MP Craig Thomson.

12:44pm February 18

Chris Smith speaks with HSU Whistleblower Kathy Jackson about Craig Thomson being found guilty of defrauding the Health Services Union.

1:59pm December 16

Luke Grant speaks to Michael Smith about Craig Thomson and how he claimed $14,000 in  travel expenses around the same time as a two week family holiday to Bali and travel to Melbourne on the same day he attended court in the city

12:54pm August 8

Chris speaks with Warren Mundine, former National President of the Australian Labor Party who says that it IS a big deal that the Deputy Prime Minister had a beer with the disgraceful Craig Thomson.

3:26pm July 19

In breaking news on the Chris Smith Afternoon Show, Craig Thomson manages to avoid having his court case heard in front of a judge and jury.

3:43pm October 24

Chris Smith talks to Kathy Jackson about the latest surround Craig Thompson.

3:24pm October 24

Ray Hadley reports from the scene of Craig Thompson's house being raided by police.

10:09am October 18

Alan Jones talks to George Brandis about Nicola Roxon and Craig Thompson.

3:18pm October 17

Chris Smith talks to Tony Abbott about his recent visit to Indonesia, the cost of Thomson, Slipper and the Kitchen Sink.

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