2:12pm June 23

Chris Speaks with Dr Timothy Hawkes, headmaster of The Kings School, about why dads need to lift their game. 



1:54pm June 23

 The Lord Mayor joins Chris in the 4BC studio to talk about the Brisbane Metro, GST and local councils.  

1:49pm June 23

Andrew Bolt joins Chris for his weekly chat. 

2:29pm June 22

 Glenn joins Chris live from Suncorp Stadium ahead of Origin game 2.  

2:20pm June 22

Barnaby joins Chris for his weekly chat from the wombat trail.


2:48pm June 17

Chris speaks with Niall Blair, Minister for Primary Industries and Lands and Water, about what will happen if the Warragamba Dam overflows.

2:45pm June 17

Chris speaks with Jo Casamento from studio 10, to hear the reviews of The Conjuring 2, The Nice Guys, & Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

2:44pm June 17

Chris speaks with Kathy Sheeran, the founder of Shopping Confessions, about all the top tips for scoring a bargain online.  

2:49pm June 16

Chris speaks with Glenn Ridge, Spokesperson for APIA, about the survey which finds 88% of Australians believe oldies shouldn’t go to music gigs.


2:25pm June 16

Clancy from The Betoota Advocate calls in to tell Chris about their involvement.



2:17pm June 16

Chris speaks with The Daily Telegraph’s Crime Editor Mark Morri.



2:14pm June 16

Andrew Bolt joins Chris for his weekly chat.



2:15pm June 15

Chris speaks with etiquette expert Anna Musson about the latest study that finds our impulse is still to save women first.


1:56pm June 15

Chris speaks with Fraud and Cybercrime Commander Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis.



1:48pm June 15

Chris speaks with former detective Prof. Michael Keenan



2:51pm June 13

Luke speaks with Paul Waterhouse, who nailed an incredible kick to win $100,000

1:44pm June 13

Luke speaks with The Australian’s foreign editor, about being awarded for his work in journalism.

2:45pm June 10

Chris gets the ballot paper rundown from ABC election analyst Antony Bell.


2:36pm June 10

Chris speaks with former NSW detective Dr Michael Kennedy.

1:53pm June 9

Chris speaks with State MP Gareth Ward about the idea


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