Chris Smith talks to an expert who has some interesting ways to manage it. 

Chris Smith has a chat to the legendary broadcaster ahead of the State of Origin. 

What did the mother of a 26 year old Jihadi bride tell the media?


Chris Smith talks to Kathryn Hams. She’s fighting for her company’s name. 

What do you think of the Daily Telegraph’s photo? 

Chris Smith talks to Andrew Constance about the light rail project

Maybe you should invest it instead! Chris talks to an expert. 

Chris Smith talks to Father Chris Riley about this shocking claim.


Chris Smith talks to a terror expert about what the Government should do. 

Prince Harry thinks it’s a good idea. Do you?

Sharon Corr chats to Chris and sings a song from her new album.

Chris Smith talks to David Penberthy who’s covering the story. 

The Agriculture Minister talks about Johnny Depp’s dogs who COULD be on death row… 

Tony and Gary from Spandau Ballet join Chris Smith in the studio.

Chris talks to an expert who thinks robot animals are the future

You might just have brain overload. Chris Smith talks to an expert. 

This week’s winner definitely deserves the prize. 

Erin’s sister Sarah suffered with bowel cancer. This is their story.

Chris Smith’s helped out a caller who was struggling with a big bank.


It's been an interesting court case already. 


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