Ron Moss – also famous for 70s hit “Baby Come Back” joins Chris to talk about his Australian tour.

For Aussie engineer WARWICK HOLMES, a childhood fascination with space has led to an incredible career. When Armstrong walked on the moon, we all said WOW! Warwick couldn’t believe we built a vehicle capable of making it.

Ex serviceman wants prayer and hymns to be included in Carrington Public School.

Grace nominates Jacqui Lambie as the “Clown of the Week” and how her actions are so destructive.

Chris Smith speaks with technology guru STEVEN FENECH about a bug found in the iPhone, that’s been sourced back to a Chinese App site.

Chris sums up the week as Jacqui Lambie calls for people to turn their backs when politicians speak at Remembrance Day commemorations.

KURT FEARNLEY, fresh from the NEW YORK MARATHON joins Chris Smith in studio to talk about his new biography, “Pushing the Limits”.

The well known chef joins CHRIS SMITH to talk about the importance of BREAKFAST. For your chance to win tickets to an exclusive breakfast with Bill this Saturday, jump on the Jordans Cereals Australia Facebook page.

Channel 7 Cameraman, “Peter” was on his way to a job on the Sunshine Coast when he was hailed over. It was a man wanted in relation to the job he was travelling to.

Gary Kemp, John Kebble and Steve Norman from supergroup SPANDAU BALLET join Chris in Studio to talk about their new album, documentary and an Australian Tour – starting in May next year at the Sydney Arena.

Andrew Bolt echoes community sentiment over the inappropriateness of booing at Gough Whitlam’s State Funeral Commemoration yesterday as Tony Abbott and John Howard walked in.

Premiering at the Roseville and Gembrook Movie Theatres for the next week – is a documentary on the unusual hobby of gnome collecting.

Historian JONATHAN KING has just released THE GALLIPOLI DIARIES – the story of that campaign, using the thoughts and letters of day to day soldiers.

Chris Smith speaks to Tasmanian Senator JACQUI LAMBIE about her call for Australians to turn their backs on politicians at Remembrance Day commemorations.

Chris Smith speaks to Sharri Markson about her story on Tony Abbott’s advisor, Peta Credlin. In light of a recent attack by Clive Palmer, Peta emailed her colleagues and asked if there was any interest in forming a women’s support network.

Chris Smith and Susie Burrell speak with Dr Michael Edye about a proposal to place obesity treatments onto the Medicare list. The argument being, it is cheaper to intervene with an operation than on-going obesity treatments.

Harley Oliver, a trained artist has launched an exhibition of famous people – as they could look in the nuddy!

CHRIS SMITH speaks to DAMIAN CERINI – once a senior marketing executive who turned his love of wine and cycling into tour company – Tour de Vines.

PETER SHERIDAN has just authored a book, “Deco Radio – the most beautiful radios ever made – and the photographs are stunning.

A new book “Zero Night” by MARK FELTON details an incredible escape from a WWII Nazi concentration camp – using ladders to scale perimeter fences. The daring raid – was both brilliant in thought and meticulous in its planning.


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