Chris Smith talks to the Aussie queen of pop Kylie Minogue

James Blunt joins Chris in the studio ahead of The X Factor Final

The legendary singer dropped in ahead of her Australian tour.

Chris gets some answers from the would-be senator.


Chris Smith talks to former hostage negotiator Belinda Neil about the changes



Chris Smith talks to counter-terrorism expert Nick O'Brien.

Chris Smith talks to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Chris Smith talks to Jeff Lynne about the new ELO album Alone In The Universe 

Grace joins Chris to discuss her clown of the week.

What’s your take on this photo?

What do you think about the former union boss’s ink?

Mat McLachlan from Battlefield Tours joins Chris to discuss.

Chris Smith gets the federal parliament gossip from the independent Senator. 

Chris Smith talks to Liberal MP Dr Andrew Southcott


Brooklyn was stuck down a wombat hole for 3 days. 

Jenny Gowan joins Chris to discuss the option of an S plate for older drivers

Jockey Michelle Payne crashed Chris’s interview with Matt Preston!


Chris Smith talks to Former Assistant Police Commissioner Clive Small.



Chris Smith speaks to Don Henley about his new album Cass County



Chris Smith talks to Islamic leader Jamal Rifi.




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