Chris Smith talks to an education expert. 

Who gets the dubious prize? Chris Smith finds out. 

Chris Smith has the former Australian Idol winner in studio. 

Andrew Bolt joins Chris for his weekly chat.

Chris Smith talks to the Premier about what’s happened. 

Janet Albrechtsen thinks so

Chris Smith talks to Professor Karin Thursky.

Did you catch the Opposition Leader’s gaffe? Listen to it here. 

Chris Smith talks to the youth worker who’s seen it happen

The Australian’s Greg Sheridan thinks not. 

Bill Shorten gets the dubious award this week. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger. Are you at risk? 

Chris Smith talks to the National President of the Defence Force Welfare Association. 

The identity of the person who bought trophy home ‘Altona’ has been revealed. 

Chris Smith talks to the Liberal MP who wants our troops in combat. 

Chris Smith talks to the euthanasia advocate who says they should. 

37 Coalition MPs have told Mr Abbott they want Aussie terrorists stripped of citizenship.

Chris Smith talks to an expert who has some interesting ways to manage it. 

Chris Smith has a chat to the legendary broadcaster ahead of the State of Origin. 

What did the mother of a 26 year old Jihadi bride tell the media?



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