Alan Manly was pursued relentlessly by one litigious man. This is his story. 

Medical marijuana advocate Dan Haslam has died at the age of 25. 

Nick Xenophon joins Chris on the show 

There are calls for metal detectors to be introduced.


Commit a serious offence? Trash the house? You’re out. 

Have you suffered from it? 

He pulls no punches. 

It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than this. 

Worried about your ticker? Listen to this. 

Shockingly, this is happening in Australia right now. 

Listen to the full Chris Smith Afternoon show from February 9

Chris Smith sticks up for the police officers involved. 

Chris Smith has the Finance Minister on the show. 

Chris Smith gets Denis Shanahan’s expert commentary. 

A Mosman councillor thinks it will solve traffic dramas. 

Leyonhjelm thinks the police are the ones who should feel ashamed. 

Chris Smith speaks to him as he drives to hospital! 

Matt Cowley joins Chris to discuss suites stolen from overhead baggage on plane.

Mark Morraza joins Chris to discuss the effect of low interest rates.

Ever wanted to buy an island? There's one for sale in Tasmania. 


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