Chris Smith speaks with Cie Cie Tuet Nguyen about her book ‘Shock Peace, The Search For Freedom’

Chris speaks with David Whitton, after the man responsible for the death of his daughter received a suspended sentence.

Grace joins Chris for her weekly chat and names her "Clown of the Week".

Chris speaks with Sandra Hook, Chairwoman of WYZA about their survey into over 50’s lifestyles.


Chris speaks with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton about what the ruling means.

Chris speaks with Dr Clarke Jones, Founder of the Australian Intervention Support Hub

Chris speaks with Caroline Overington from The Australian about the huge number of children abducted.

Chris speaks with Seven News reporter Bryan Seymour about the reports on tonight’s news.



Anthony LaPaglia joins Chris Smith in the studio ahead of his new film 'A Month Of Sundays'.

Chris speaks to Arthur Naomidis, from DomaCom who is behind a crowd-funding campaign to keep the land under Australian ownership.

Chris speaks to Derryn about his plans to secure a seat at the upcoming election.

Chris speaks to the owner of a NZ hotel that’s banned the cycling outfits. 

Chris picks apart what a double dissolution election means, with Monash University lecturer Dr Zareh Ghazarian.

Chris speaks with New Corp’s Terry McCrann about the double dissolution decision.

Chris speaks with veteran reporter Ray Martin about the situation.

Chris speaks with Senator Nick Xenophon about the ABCC, RSRT and politician entitlements. 

Chris speaks with Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill about how the community is supporting the workers. 

Tom Steinfort joins Chris With the latest News 

Chris speaks with Col Chapman from Child Recovery Australia, who’s spoken with Sally Faulkner from Beirut.

Chris speaks with David Reed from The Retirement Advice Centre about how to plan for retirement.


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