The notorious deputy mayor has a history with the law courts. 

Chris Smith talks to animal conservationist and lion dad, Ben Britton.

Chris Smith grills Eddie Moore about the incident. 

This shocking video shows the fight that stopped play.



Ordinary people, extraordinary jobs

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What’s it like taming and working with feral donkeys? 

Chris Smith talks to the Deputy Police Commissioner 

Chris Smith talks to the NSW MP that wants that to change. 

What’s it like spending 2 years in a submarine? Chris Smith finds out.


Chris Smith talks to Emergency Services Minister David Elliott

He’s stolen a charity jar from Bertoni Café. If you know him, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

David Leyonhjelm thinks so. He speaks to Chris Smith. 

Chris Smith chats to the world famous author in studio. 

Chris Smith gets a political wrap and a preview on the big topics to come.


Chris Smith talks to historian Dr David Palmer about this WW2 veteran.


Chris Smith talks to author Kate Kyriacou. 

Chris Smith talks to a former Keating staffer about the travel entitlement scandal. 

How will they make the streets safer for pedestrians?

Do you keep your boat parked on the street? You’ll need to listen to this. 


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