PETER SHERIDAN has just authored a book, “Deco Radio – the most beautiful radios ever made – and the photographs are stunning.

A new book “Zero Night” by MARK FELTON details an incredible escape from a WWII Nazi concentration camp – using ladders to scale perimeter fences. The daring raid – was both brilliant in thought and meticulous in its planning.

Chris Smith reveals some of the best kept food secrets in the west – from restaurants, through to take away venues that are walking away with food awards.

From the relaunch of the Hydro Majestic Hotel at Medlow Bath, through to issues of security and council amalgamations; Chris Smith catches up with the Premier, Mike Baird.

Andrew Bolt joins Chris Smith to talk politics

CHRIS SMITH speaks with NSW ENERGY MINISTER ANTHONY ROBERTS, about a NSW plan to phase in SMART METERS. Chris explores how NSW has learnt from the disastrous rollout in Victoria, back in 2009.

John Maclean, former rugby league player, tells Chris his amazing story about suffering a life changing accident and his journey of learning to walk again with the help of Ken Ware and the Ware K Tremor Therapy

Andrew speaks to Chris Smith about the latest breaking news in Ottawa Canada and about the current ISIS situation.

Author David Hill, joins Chris in the studio to talk about his latest book 

'The Making Of Australia'

Philip Ruddock joins Chris Smith to remember Gough Whitlam and what he achieved in his 3 years of Prime Minister

Chris speaks to Russian newspaper columnest Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey about his column and the recent events regarding Tony Abbott and Vladamir Putin and Malaysian Airlines flight MH17

Wayne Tinsey, Executive Director Education Rice Network, joins Chris to tallk about the schools participating in the Detention Protests tomorrow

Chris Smith is joined in the studio by author and social researcher Hugh Mackay to talk about his new book The Art Of Belonging, and to discuss why neighbourhoods matter.

Shannon and Simon were overall winenrs on The Block last night, selling their place for a total profit of $335,000 and tell Chris Smith all about it.


Christopher Pyne speaks to Chris Smith about what will be involved in the National Curriculum Review and what will happen going forward.

Chris Smith speaks to Rob McEwen, about the sentencing of David Hona- who brutally attacked his son Michael McEwen in an unprovoked assault in Bondi last December

Chris Smith speaks to Emma Alberici about her firey exchange on Lateline with Wassim Doureihi

Andrew joins Chris to talk about Tony Abbott threatening to ban the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, and the McClure report recommendations for "no disadvantage" grace period for welfare recipients

Author and investigative journalist Adam Shand talks about his latest book about Australia's most notorious stand over man, Mark 'Chopper' Read.

Dr Kathy Abbass director of Rhode Island Archaeology Project speaks to Chris Smith about a strong chance Captain James Cook's ship Endeavour has been discovered.


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