Rate payers are forking out MILLIONS for trivial perks. 

A couple has been rescued after becoming lost in the Blue Mountains.

The Sunday Telegraph’s Samantha Maiden has marked ‘Team Tony’.

Ben Fordham confronts Greens Leader about her stance on Iraq. 

Jack Nagle barely survived a crippling $500 a day ice addiction.

Bad news for smokers - the cost of cigarettes is going up.

A police officer was allegedly involved in a daylight bank robbery.

Taxpayers will no longer be subsidising these dirty dealers. 

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Turns out netball isn’t ONLY good for your health.

Read about it here.


Harriet Wran prison cell raided. 

Deborah Mailman's doing some filming in Ben's neighbourhood. 

Video stores are closing and DEBT COLLECTORS are cashing in. 

Beachgoers are in despair as nasty stingers take over Sydney’s surf.

MORE drug dramas for Schapelle. Will this impact on her parole?

Kathy Jackson apologises for her controversial comments.

Listen to the full show of Sydney Live with Ben Fordham here.

Ben Fordham gets the Big Marn to answer your burning questions. 

Geoff Noble tells Ben Fordham he NEEDS workers.

Parks and harbourside spots may soon be ALCOHOL FREE. 


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