6:04pm July 27

They will only detect tagged sharks.


5:57pm July 27

The AEC has handed out more than $60 million dollars.


5:53pm July 27

It’s not an easy choice to dump Robbie Farah.



5:50pm July 27

Ben speaks to former Liberal MP Ross Cameron.


4:01pm July 27

If you don’t spit, you don’t get the hood.



3:51pm July 27

Ben speaks to Assistant Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt.



3:43pm July 27

The brother of Thomas Kelly took his own life.




3:26pm July 27

Ben speaks to baby John's devastated aunt.

5:54pm July 26

Northern Beaches Council now has to get it out.  



5:52pm July 26

Gable Tostee is awaiting trial for murder.

5:29pm July 26

Tim Lafai and Siliva Havili have been stood down.


4:55pm July 26

Ben speaks to the Retired Major General.



4:50pm July 26

CFMEU members worked as little as two hours a day.


4:37pm July 26

Ben speaks to ‘Matilda’ actress Molly Barwick.


4:23pm July 26

A measured response can fix the NT Youth Detention system.


3:52pm July 26

The NSW Opposition Leader wants Jillian Skinner to resign.



3:16pm July 26

The family has been left devastated. 

2:57pm July 26

This is an inspirational speech he gave in 2015.


6:17pm July 25

Ben speaks to 4 Corners reporter Caro Meldrum-Hanna.


5:54pm July 25

Ben speaks to the boss of the AMA Dr Michael Gannon.




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