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The Big Marn tackles the big questions.

A police officer is being hailed as a hero for saving a little boy’s life.  

Ben Fordham talks to Channel 9 reporter, Dimity Clancey, about the story.  

Ben Fordham talks to gold medallist, Libby Tricket, about her take on the Sally Pearson controversy.

Police are appealing for public assistance to help identify a man following an assault in Liverpool earlier this year.

Ben Fordham speaks to Channel 10 reporter Andrew Denny who spoke to the bashing victim.

A study has found men from Greek families move out of home much later than any other Australians.

Independent Senator, Nick Xenophon, is a proud Greek-Australian. When did he move out of home?

Ben Fordham talks about the disgusting Australian terrorists that posed with a decapitated head for social media.

Ben Fordham talks to Dick Smith about a new welfare proposal to have all welfare recipients be given a card that can only be used to pay for necessities like food and rent.

That means cigarettes and alcohol would be off the books. 

Why is Sally Pearson in the middle of a fight between athletes and head coach, Eric Hollingsworth?

Ben Fordham talks to Matt Shirvington, former Commonwealth Games and Olympic sprinter, to find out. 

Troy Warner has sent Ben Fordham this photo of his “Parra cave in the Riff”.

What do you think?

An arrest has been made in murder case that’s more than 40 years old. How did the cops find their suspect?

Ben Fordham talks to Robert Ovadia – the channel 7 news reporter who’s been following the story.

There are calls for Sarah Hanson-Young be kept away from detention centers – for the safety of the asylum seekers.

What’s she done now?   

Ben Fordham talks to Simon Benson – the man who broke the story. 

Listen to the full show of Sydney Live with Ben Fordham here.

Could you do your job with a smart phone shoved in your face?

Police officers are becoming frustrated with people who confront them with camera phones.

Ben Fordham talks to Scott Webber, President of the NSW Police Association.

A powerful new ad from Beyond Blue highlights the subtle racism experienced by Indigenous Australians.

Ben Fordham talks to the CEO of Beyond Blue, Georgie Harman.

More details are emerging about the Government’s ‘work for the dole’ scheme.  

Why are small businesses going to be the biggest losers?

Ben Fordham talks to Ross Greenwood, from 2GB’s Money News, to find out. 

An inquest into the death of Constable Bill Crews is underway, after he was shot by a colleague in a botched drug raid.

Ben Fordham talks to Channel 7 reporter, Jodie Speers.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey says “women should not laugh loudly in front of all the world” but Ben Fordham has a message for him.

Ben Fordham has his regular chat with Derryn Hinch.

Kate McClymont has written a book filled with explosive claims about Eddie Obeid.  

Ben Fordham talks to Kate about her book: ‘He Who Must Be Obeid’.


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