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Audi Australia’s new MD Paul Sansom discusses his vision

A chance to sit down with the new M.D. of Audi Australia this week –Paul Sansom is an Englishman who recently arrived from Audi South Africa. Unlike his predecessor who in 2013 was confident at that time that Audi would outsell Mercedes-Benz and BMW by the end of the decade Sansom detailed a strategy less based on outright volume and more on customer service. As he said ”while sales are and always will be an extremely important measure it’s not the most important – I don’t believe our customers actually care who’s number one.” After a period of extraordinary growth in the last decade that has seen sales rise from 5770 in 2007 to 24259 last year Audi Australia sales have softened this year by 9.1 per cent. Sansom is more intent on driving Audi with a best in premium brand experience –Audi’s strong sales in recent years has seen the development of a very strong dealer network, a key element today is providing a top class customer experience. I’m David Berthon

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