Listen live help

Need help listening live?

The 2GB listen live player requires the latest version of Adobe Flash.

There are two ways you can make sure you've got the latest version of Adobe Flash installed:


If you think you already have the Adobe Flash browser plugin, but it's not working. You can double check your Flash version here. This page will guide you through the steps needed to make sure your version is fully up-to-date.

Want to use your own player?

If you have a media player installed on your computer that can connect to online streams you can access the stream directly.

You can download a streaming compatible media player for any operating system free at

Our stream is MP3 format encoded at 48kbs. This equates to about 30MB of download per hour.

Once you know you have a compatible player you can access the stream directly at the following URL:

NOTE: You may have to save the 'listen.pls' file to your computer, then open it from the download location for it to play.

Want to try something else?

You can listen to the 2GB online stream via a few other alternative methods:

NOTE: Although these services use the 2GB stream, we at 2GB don't support issues using these third party services as only they can support their service.

Looking for our mobile phone apps?

We provide both Apple iOS and Android versions of the 2GB phone app. You can find out more info here

Still can't get it to work?

If you're having trouble getting the online stream working you can contact the digital team to see if they can help resolve your issue.

To help us troubleshoot your issue could you please let me know a few things about your computer:

  • What operating system your using and it's version eg. Windows 7, OSX Lion etc
  • Which browser you're using e.g. Safari 5, Internet Explorer 7 etc
  • How you're connected to the internet e.g. Home wifi, office network etc
  • Any specifics to the issue you're having that you think might help.

With these details we'll be better able to help with the specific problem you're experiencing.