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Friday Night Full Show Podcast: April 28

Listen to the full show podcast of Friday Night with Julian King for April 28.

19 hours ago / 24:15
Car Advice Car of the Week

Trent Nikolic from joins Julian King to discuss the new Honda CR-V.

20 hours ago / 07:24
Comedian Des Bishop

Des Bishop joins Julian King on Friday Night talking everything from Irish accents to speaking Mandarin. Des’ Sydney Comedy Festival show details can be fouund here.

20 hours ago / 13:12
Food & Wine with Ben Malouf

Ben Malouf joins Julian King for the Food and Wine Show on Friday Night.

20 hours ago / 39:22
62 Year Old Police Recruit

Ben speaks to new cop John Mamacan.

28/04/2017 / 06:04
Former MP Appeals Libs Suspension

What’s Ross Cameron being punished for?

28/04/2017 / 06:23
Elderly Woman Ripped Off

Ben and a listener step in to help.

28/04/2017 / 05:56
Western Sydney Comm Games Bid

Could we see the games come here?

28/04/2017 / 03:13
Drug Driver Gets 4.5 Years Jail

Jordan Brown’s 3 mates died in a crash he caused.

28/04/2017 / 03:29
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