Erin’s sister Sarah suffered with bowl cancer. This is their story.

Chris Smith’s helped out a caller who was struggling with a big bank.


Ray speaks to Channel 10 Brisbane Reporter Lauren Day about a man who verbally abused her outside court after avoiding jail on serious child porn charges

Federal Labor MP Ed Husic talks to Ray about his support of gay marriage, and how he reconciled that with his Muslim faith

Parramatta Lord Mayor Scott Lloyd talks to Ray about the sinkholes threatening unit blocks at Harris Park and the need for more power to prevent developments stalling

Ray Hadley Highlights: May 6

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Alan talks to the Blacktown mayor about the S.B.S programme “Struggle Street”

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Steve is joined by Miranda Devine to talk about the big issues.

Andrew Bolt joins Steve Price to discuss the latest in news and politics.

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Ross Greenwood speaks to Roger Montgomery about the share market

Ross Greenwood speaks to Paul Hodge who has co-written Clinton The Musical

Ross Greenwood speaks to the CEO of the Real Estate Institute Amanda Lynch about their warning on low interest rates

Ross Greenwood speaks to Tim Blair from the Daily Telegraph about the open funerals of Sukumaran and Chan

Ross Greenwood speaks to Ivor Reis from Morgans about the half year results from the ANZ

Roger Montgomery investment insights - Part # 2 of our Valuable Value Investing Series

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It's been an interesting court case already. 


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