The Continuous Call Team Full Show SAT 1st August.

Listen to the full show podcast of Friday Nights with Neil Breen, July 31

Ben Malouf joins Neil Breen to discuss Food and Wine on Friday nights.

Listen to the full Chris Smith Afternoon Show from July 31

Grace Joins Chris for her weekly Chat. 

Rural News for July 31

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione talks to Ray following the funeral of 99-year-old Bill Harris, an icon of the NSW police force


Chris Smith talks to a legal expert. 

Ray reveals how convicted paedophile Brother Terry Gilsenan has been seen by police allegedly talking to and touching young girls at a club in Sydney

Listen to the full Ray Hadley Morning Show from July 31

Nick Hodson

Listen to the full show podcast for July 31

Kaydo Fishing World Catch Of The Week


Every Thursday night Steve Price is joined by travel Writer Pamela Wright to talk travel thanks to TFE Hotels and Thrifty Car Rental

Steve is joined by Heidi Armstrong to talk all things small business.

Andrew Bolt joins Steve Price to discuss the latest in news and politics.

Ross Greenwood speaks to Charlie Brown about Life and Technology

Ross Greenwood speaks to David Buik from Panmure Gordon about the Royal Dutch Shell shedding thousands of jobs as the price of oil is set to plunge

Ross Greenwood speaks to the Chief Economist at the CBA Michael Blythe about the fall in the terms of trade


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