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Continuous Call Team: Full Show – Saturday April 29th

Listen to the full show of the Continuous Call Team from Saturday April 29th

1 hour ago / 54:36
Driverless Cars

For several years we’ve heard much about the phenomenon of driverless cars – I’m almost sick of reading the nonsense that within 10-15 years we’ll just step in a car, program the route, and read the paper or iPad on the way to and from work. Of course unless your on a dedicated road or […]

6 hours ago / 01:22
Electric Cars

There is no doubting that electric car maker Tesla has been enormously successful – so much so that its market value recently surpassed that of General Motors and Ford – now the most valuable American automotive company valued at almost 69 billion dollars – Tesla currently builds around 80,000 vehicles annually and intends to ramp […]

7 hours ago / 01:23
Peugeot 2008 SUV a worthy competitor in crowded market

Driving the updated Peugeot 2008 SUV today, vastly improved to the first series that arrived in 2013, at last with the right spec to make it a worthy competitor in a crowded small SUV market, Three Peugeot 2008 models from the Active at $26,490 to the GT-Line I tested at 32,990. I love the three- […]

8 hours ago / 00:53
Peugeot 2008: vibrant and impressively roomy

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good story to tell on Peugeot but I’ve just driven their latest updated small 2008 SUV – the first series was a disappointment and didn’t cut it in a small SUV market where there are some excellent. The new 2008 in three 2WD variants from $26,490 are […]

9 hours ago / 00:54
Friday Night Full Show Podcast: April 28

Listen to the full show podcast of Friday Night with Julian King for April 28.

18 hours ago / 24:15
Car Advice Car of the Week

Trent Nikolic from joins Julian King to discuss the new Honda CR-V.

18 hours ago / 07:24
Comedian Des Bishop

Des Bishop joins Julian King on Friday Night talking everything from Irish accents to speaking Mandarin. Des’ Sydney Comedy Festival show details can be fouund here.

18 hours ago / 13:12
Food & Wine with Ben Malouf

Ben Malouf joins Julian King for the Food and Wine Show on Friday Night.

19 hours ago / 39:22
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