On Mitsubishi

The car market has begun to toughen up.

Steve Price is joined by Denise Meyerson thanks to Management Consultancy International to talk about Courses and Careers.

Ross Greenwood speaks to the Managing Director of Woolworths about a new development in the supermarket price wars- white bread for 85 cents. 

Ross Greenwood speaks to Charlie Brown about life and technology

• Thou shalt… Plan thy speech carefully in advance, taking advice from trusted friends and family

• Thou shalt… Be sober.

• Thou shalt… Warmly welcome everyone to the reception.

Andrew speaks to Zoe Tattersall from

Steve speaks to Anthropologist and pandemic virus expert, Professor Eddie Holmes, to discuss whether it will procure a global grasp.

Ross Greenwood speaks to Teresa Corbin from ACAAN about phone complaints and plans

High profile personalities, cycling fanatics and keen foodies alike are invited to a special gala fundraising dinner at Dockside's exciting new Pavilion venue to enjoy a tantalising taste of the new route for The Variety Cycle 2015.

Steve Price is joined by Peter Switzer to help you with your super questions.

Listen to the full show podcast

Listen to the full show podcast

Ross Greenwood speaks to Josh Dowling from Newscorp about the latest car sale figures

Listen to the full show podcast with Kayley Harris and Kate White

Join Charlie Brown for your weekly technology update with 'Life and Technology'.

This week, Charlie speaks to Ewan Le Bourhis, founder of Safe Mate wearable technology, Ben white from Optus and Colby Nicholson on the iWatch.


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