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11:00am August 26

To donate to Professor Dominic Rowe’s research into Motor Neurone Disease


Cheque made payable to: Motor Neurone Disease Service at Macquarie University


Mail to: Professor Dominic Rowe

4:35pm December 1

Did you know that today, twice as many people do yoga than aerobics?


What’s really interesting is that research shows that in recent years, participation in women over the age of 50 has risen…


10:03am December 1

There are some people who are just prone to walking in their sleep and it is way more common than you would think. This is probably due to the fact that we never see it happening, as it happens when most of us are asleep.

4:54pm November 28

A cheap prescription medication website launched in NSW offers a members-only service to provide prescription medications at a low cost if you pay an annual subscription.


12:45pm November 28

A young mother wrote this heartfelt message about wild claims made by anti-vaxxers


8:23am November 28

Chris talks to the head of Epilepsy Action Australia about My Epilepsy Key

12:00pm November 27

Ross Greenwood speaks to Jeff Kennett the Chairman of Beyond Blue about well being in the workplace

5:00am November 27

Listen to the full podcast of Overnights with Mike Williams for November 27

5:00am November 26

Listen to the full podcast of Overnights with Mike Williams for November 26

9:42am November 25

Concerns about Australia’s obsession with sugar are at the fore of medical conversation going into the New Year.


1:24pm November 24

Warren speaks with AMA President Michael Gannon about doctors’ support.

10:17am November 24

A cure for the common cold has eluded scientists for decades, partly because there isn’t just one virus that can cause the ailment.


Now, a research team in London believe they’re close to cracking the code.


7:54am November 23

A new report from the Grattan Institute calls for a tax on sugary drinks


8:17am November 22

Chris talks to the Baker IDI director to talk about a new report on heart disease, obesity and diabetes


4:00am November 22

Michael McLaren speaks to naturopath Russell Setright about anti-bacterial soaps, diabetes and the relstionship between salt and out kidneys.

9:59am November 21

This episode looks at the importance of having hobbies.

7:55pm November 20

Professor Jonathan Cebon says the test can diagnose melanoma within hours

12:38pm November 19

Luke speaks to Julie Das, Pharmacist from The San, during antibiotics awareness week.

5:00am November 19

Listen to the full podcast of Overnights with Mike Williams for November 19

9:36am November 17

It’s no surprise that work can be a dangerous place.


Workplace Health and Safety issues are of greater concern to employers now than ever before.



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