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To donate to Professor Dominic Rowe’s research into Motor Neurone Disease


Cheque made payable to: Motor Neurone Disease Service at Macquarie University


Mail to: Professor Dominic Rowe

Ben Malouf joins Steve Price to discuss Food and Wine on Friday nights from 10-11pm

Ross Greenwood speaks to Gerry Harvey from Harvey Norman about their results

Professor Terry Bolin, President of the Gut Foundation, appeals for people to have bowel cancer checks ahead of a new screening initiative at Port Macquarie

Ross Greenwood speaks to Brian Clark the Director of Trade and International Affairs at ACCI about country of origin labelling 

Weight lifting is a very good thing for your health, especially as you age!

Weight lifting increases your bone density, and fights against what's called sarcopenia.

Ross Greenwood speaks to Jacob Varghese from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers about the Bonsoy settlement and food safety

It's funny how people still think that one type of carbohydrate is better than another.

Surely brown bread is better than a white potato....right?

Is a potato chip worse than any other type of carb?

Some tell you to eat. Others tell you not too.

So what does the research say?

Put an end to the guessing games here!

They tell you that high GI foods are to be avoided - but is the whole GI recommendation one big sham?

If you read only one health/fitness article today, make sure it's this one!

Sure, there's many benefits to running.

But what about lifting weights?

Here's why you should dust off the dumbbells in the garage or find yourself a gym!

"No more than 2 slices of fruit a day!" most of us were told at school.

But is it true?

Here's what the research says!

It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than this. 

Worried about your ticker? Listen to this. 

Tracey Grimshaw, host of A Current Affair, talks to Ray about tonight’s episode focusing on Motor Neurone Disease

Ross Greenwood speaks to Bob Katter about the importation of contaminated food

Full-day Workshop on Asperger's Syndrome in Couple Relationships presented by world-renowned Educator, Author and Clinical Psychologist Professor Tony Attwood. Menzies Hotel Sydney.

CEO of Donate Life Yael Cass talks to Ray about the need for more organ donors

Chris talks to the C.E.O of Transplant Australia about the latest organ donation figures

Ross Greenwood speaks to Professor David Thorburn from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute about the British MP vote to create IVF babies from three people


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