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The Continuous Call Team boys getting behind Jersey Day at Allianz Stadium ahead of the Roosters v Rabbitohs game 

Prof. Ian Hickie

Rev. Crews talks with Prof. Ian Hickie about coping with rejction - from divorce and broken friendships to redundancy at work.

Luke talks with Professor Cameron Simmons about the recent outbreak of Zeka within Queensland.

Steve Price is joined by Professor Scott Ritchie from James Cook University to discuss the impact of the Zika virus in Australia. 

Steve Price is joined each week by Dr Larry Benge from the Malo clinic to discuss dental health issues. 

This week Steve and Larry discuss root canal surgery.

Ross Greenwood speaks to Maurice O’Shannassy the Executive Chairman of Sementis the company seeking to solve the Zika virus

Minister for Rural Health, Senator Fiona Nash, talks to Ray about changes to the organ donation registration process

Alan talks to the Macquarie University professor about the risks posed to our hearing

Health Matters features a health professional from Sydney Adventist Hospital each week.

This week we Steve Price is joined by Barbara Mackenzie  the Manager for health information systems at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.


Caller Faye thanks Penrith Police for saving her husband’s life after he collapsed and had a heart attack last week

Susie chats to Marisa Russo about forensic healing

Listen to Luke Grant's show from Sunday January 24

Susie chats to Dr Gary Fettke about No 

Steve Price talks to NSW Health Minister about the hospital security summit, proposed new security measures and newborns being given to the wrong parents

Caller Tammy describes how her ice-addict son had to detox before he could enter a rehab facility

Associate Professor Paulo Ferreora talks with Luke about new studies that suggest a link between back pain and depression.

Listen to Luke Grant's show from Sunday January 17


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