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To donate to Professor Dominic Rowe’s research into Motor Neurone Disease


Cheque made payable to: Motor Neurone Disease Service at Macquarie University


Mail to: Professor Dominic Rowe

The health impact of wind farms in the wake of new research

Nicole Senior discusses how to control cholesterol levels

Ross Greenwood speaks to professor Peter Smith the Dean of Medicine at UNSW about whether people might live to 150


Susie Elelman chats to Mo Helou, Chiropractor and Inventor of Spinaleze 

Kel Richards is joined by Professor Ron Grunstein on the topic of sleep and dealing with sleep related issues.

Kel Richards is joined by Senator Nick Xenophon on the subject of the Medicare rebate.

Associate professor Brian Owler, AMA President talks to Andrew about the ramifications of the Government’s decision to reduce the GP Medicare rebate for short visits

Kel Richards is joined by Professor Don Chisholm from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research on the topic of dealing with diabetes.

Former Assistant Police Commissioner Clive Small discusses with Andrew the problems police have dealing with people on ice.

Kel Richards is joined by Doctor Ron Ehrlich on the topic of a hollistic approach to dental health.

Laureli Blyth, Master NLP trainer and psychotherapist, discussing mindful living and living with intention

Memory expert Max Hitchens joins Susie Elelman

Moving house is consistantly listed as one of the most stressful occurances in life. Warren Moore asks psychotherapist Dr. Karen Philips what we can do to take the pressure down.

Chairman of the Department of Rheumatology at The Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, Dr Jim Bertouch joins Kel Richards on the topic of dealing with arthritis.


Arthritis Help Line: 1800 011 041

Warren Moore talks to Tamara Unger from Aus Veg about whether the average aussie is getting enough fruit and veg, how we incoporate more of it into our diets, as well as where brussel sprouts stand in the vegetable pecking order.

Andrew Moore is joined by AMA President Dr. Brian Owler to explain why E-Cigarettes should be banned in NSW as they are in Queensland. 

Kel Richards is joined by Dr Joanna McMillian talking about being healthy after the holiday season.

Warren Moore talks to Tracy Bevan, director and ambassador of the McGrath foundation about their flagship event Pink Stumps Day.

Christine was diagnosed with Dementia 20 years ago at the age of 46.  She tells Andrew about the shock of being diagnosed at such a young age and how she’s coped since.



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