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To donate to Professor Dominic Rowe’s research into Motor Neurone Disease


Cheque made payable to: Motor Neurone Disease Service at Macquarie University


Mail to: Professor Dominic Rowe

Ross Greenwood speaks to Finance Minister Mathias Corman about the sale of Medibank

Listener Tino calls Ray to thank emergency services for helping his son who is in a critical condition after a hang gliding accident in Forbes 

NRL CEO Dave Smith talks to Ray about the NRL Kick Bowel Cancer campaign

Before this experimental treatment, Craig Lawn only had 6 months to live. 

It sounds convenient, but should we allow supermarkets to fill our prescriptions?  

Health Matters will feature a health professional from Sydney Adventist Hospital each week. This week we look at medical training. 

Chris talks to the former rugby league great about a 1,400 kilometre charity walk he’s starting today

The NRL has unveiled a new campaign to tackle bowel cancer and encourage Australians to take a bowel cancer detection survey.

Professor Terry Bolin, Founder and President of the Gut Foundation, talks to Ray about the NRL’s bowel cancer awareness campaign being run during the Finals

Ross Greenwood speaks to Nyka Alexander a spokesperson for World Health Organisation in Sierra Leone about Ebola

Caller Kerrie’s story about her late sister shows the importance of getting checked for bowel cancer, ahead of the NRL’s awareness campaign

Former rugby league player and R U OK Day ambassador Ben Ross talks about the importance of checking on the mental health of family, friends and colleagues

This is Stroke week. Her partner suffered a stroke at the age of 46

Health Matters will feature a health professional from Sydney Adventist Hospital each week. This week, Dr Suhan Baskar, director of SAH in the Home care joins us.

Susie Burrell with NUTRITION

 Re: Low fat or low carb

Listen to Your Health with Dr Graham Malouf

Ross Greenwood speaks to Dr David Heymann from the Centre on Global Health Security at Chatham House about Ebola

Cardiologist Dr James Chong talks about the GNK Foundation raising money for research into heart disease

Olivia joins Alan on the line from the U.S to talk about 2 fundraisers for her cancer and wellness centre


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