2:30pm August 22


Adriano Zumbo joins Chris in the studio to talk about his new TV show




4:45am August 7

Mike speaks to Duncan Hay, owner of Kraft Cafe Creative Food, Roastery & Brewery 

8:47am July 8

Chris is joined in the studio by the boss of Garlo’s pies to discuss the news they’re being sold in McDonalds restaurants in the A.C.T from today


7:50pm June 20

Ross Greenwood speaks to Grant Castner, Founder of Snagvotes about the polling day sausage sizzle going global.


7:43pm June 15

Ross Greenwood speaks to the CEO of Sanger Meat Exports Richard Rains about the supermarket price war over meat

7:37pm June 13

Ross Greenwood speaks to Mike Westrup the CEO of Shriro Australia about their collaboration between Everdure and Heston Blumenthal 

7:23pm June 13

Ross Greenwood speaks to the MD of Tourism Australia John O'Sullivan about Melbourne hosting the 2017 50 Best Restaurant awards for the first time

7:48pm June 8

Ross Greenwood speaks to John Coward, CEO of the Queensland United Egg Producers about the shortage of eggs expected to last two months 

2:30pm June 2

Chris speaks with Ben Farley from the BBQ Cooking School

Recipes available here 

6:51pm May 30

Ross Greenwood speaks to Scott Phillips from Motley Fool about Patties food in in talks with PEP for $230 million 

11:30pm May 27

Ben Malouf joins Neil Breen to discuss Food and Wine on Friday nights. 

4:18pm May 16

Get a taste of Campsie for just $15 during an epic food crawl exploring East Asian, South Asian as well as Arabic cuisines!  Local restaurants are gearing up to showcase their iconic eats and treats during the 17th‘Campsie Food Festival 2016' ope

1:30am May 7

Deputy Mayor of Woollahra council Susan Wynne chats to Susie about Double Bay Good Food Week.

For more info, click here

11:36pm April 29

Listen to the full show podcast of Food and Wine with Neil Breen and Ben Malouf

12:27pm April 28

Caller Susan wants to know the difference

7:45pm April 24

What's On - VIVID Sydney festival - 27 May to 18 June

Natalie and Michael chat to Vivid Ideas Curator Jess Scully 

9:55am April 24

How do you make ANZAC biscuits? Nelleke Gorton chats to the panel about how to create the perfect ANZAC biscuit. She would know as part of the Land Cookery Committee at the CWA!

9:00am April 24






11:36pm April 22

Listen to the full show podcast of Food and Wine with Ben Malouf and Neil Breen

12:16am April 17

4x4 legend John "Roothy" Rooth joins the boys for "Tucker Time" on The Caravan, Camping and 4x4 Show.  



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