Catch John "Roothy" Rooth with Chris Bowen and The Duck on The Caravan, Camping & 4X4 Show


Ross Greenwood speaks to the Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg about the budget

Colin calls in to chat about his new T.V show “My Ireland”

Chris Smith has property guru Nathan Birch in the studio. 

Peter sent this photo to Ray from his Easter fishing trip with his wife Emma. He caught this haul of finger mark with his Shimano 12000D and 8000D bait runners.

Money News Show with Ross Greenwood, Wednesday the 18th March 2015

Ross Greenwood speaks to the CEO of the Food and Grocery Council Gary Dawson about the grocery code of conduct

Ross Greenwood speaks to Grace Mazur who brought Thermomix to Australia

Ben Quinlan from The Cove Restaurant joins Kate White and Kayley Harris on the topic of fine cruisine for your wedding functions


To contact Ben, visit his website at:

Steve Price and Ben Malouf discuss all things food and wine.

Ross Greenwood speaks to the CEO of Patties Food Steven Chaur about the fallout from the frozen berries imported from China

Chris Randall From Cantina Movil joins Kate White and Kayley Harris on the topic of mobile catering.


You can contact Chris on his website:


Ben Malouf joins Steve Price to discuss Food and Wine on Friday nights from 10-11pm.

Ross Greenwood is joined by Luke Jecks and Mark Pollard from Naked Wines talking industry and enjoying a wine tasting

Go local and celebrate fine produce, wine, and wine regions with The Sydney Morning Herald NSW Food and Wine Festival.

The Dubbo Farmers Markets is a showcase of the region's produce, fresh from the soils and water basins of the Macquarie Valley and beyond.

Warren Moore talks to Mark Krstic from the Australian Wine Research Institute about the threat recent bushfire smoke may pose to the 2015 vintage.

Warren Moore talks to Tamara Unger from Aus Veg about whether the average aussie is getting enough fruit and veg, how we incoporate more of it into our diets, as well as where brussel sprouts stand in the vegetable pecking order.

Kel Richards is joined by Chef Grant Croft to answer your cooking queries. 

Andrew speaks to Joanna Whitton from


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