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Health Matters will feature a health professional from Sydney Adventist Hospital each week. This week, Prof John Watson, Professor of Medicine at Sydney Medical School and Associate Dean of the Clinical School and a Neurologist at the San. Clinical schools joins us.

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Today it's the enigmatic Irn Bru....Scotland's own favourite drink 

Dan and Alan visit the Chivas Regal factory in Paisley 

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Andrew Bolt joines Steve Price to discuss the latest in news and politics.

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Ross Greenwood speaks to Andrew White the General Manager of Settlement Services at the ASX about settling in RMB

Ross Greenwood speaks to Ken Morrison from the Property Council of Australia about stamp duty and Jonathan Chancellor from

Ross Greenwood speaks to Wade who submitted 136 job applications having been unemployed 7 months 

Ross Greenwood speaks to Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Alan Tudge about the work for the dole