The Financial Review on Julia Gillard

Monday November 12, 2012

Well, you know the tide of media opinion has turned when the Fairfax media begins calling on Julia Gillard to come clean about her involvement with that AWU slush fund she helped set up for her former boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, in 1992.

And the tide is turning.

The lead editorial in today’s Financial Review argues Julia Gillard’s claim she has answered all questions about the slush fund simply “does not pass muster”.

New information, it says, has emerged even since Julia Gillard’s press conference on 23 August.

The Prime Minister, it says, needs to come clean about whether she saw the $67,000 cheque drawn on the AWU slush fund and paid into Slater & Gordon’s account to purchase a house for Wilson.

She needs to come clean, it says, about when she became aware AWU funds had been corruptly used, whether she informed Slater & Gordon, the AWU and other authorities – and, if not, why not.

And she needs to come clean, it says, about what she told Western Australian regulatory authorities about the reasons for setting up the slush fund in the first place.

Apart from the possible involvement of Julia Gillard in an alleged fraud, it says, this story raises important trade union governance issues

Why isn’t the AWU, it asks, agitating to get to the bottom of this alleged fraud?

That’s not Alan Jones commenting – that’s the Australian Financial Review.

When will Julia Gillard make a statement to Parliament?

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